I’ve been home now for two days. My cat “Chef” and I got reacquainted and all is well. The trip back from Richmond where I left off Carol and Bill was quiet time and I thought about our adventure. We agreed that it was the trip of a lifetime, all our expectations were met and exceeded, we loved and admired nature and we have one beautiful and varied country.
My son, Matt, had given a summary of his vacation and I wanted to be left with the same awe. We had many jaw dropping views, sunsets, welcoming family visits, delicious seafood and conversations with people from all over the world.
Thank you Carol and Bill for asking me to join you, I love you.


The wedding day

This morning, the Rodney, Spector family were together for the wedding of Phil and Kelly. Along this journey you met, Jon and Kathy, Eric, Stan and Bea, and Steve and Gwen. They opened their homes along our country journey. We are here to celebrate with them. Carol and Bill cleaned up very nicely for this event. Tomorrow morning we pack up and head back to VA.

Winding Down

Today Cousin Steven took us on a walk to UMM (Univ of Minnesota at Morris) campus. We toured the buildings and walked to the experimental gardens. B&C and Steve went to the agro farm for a tour and I slept. Dinner with Phil ((the groom) and Gwen’s mom Adair. I’ll post family pictures tomorrow and that should be it until we get on the road Sunday.

The campus has fabulous gardens which are maintained by students.